Chip Art

What can you do with recycled cardboard and cut-up paint sample chips? Create one-of-a-kind works of art, says Fresh Artists! And save obsolete paint chips from the landfill.


Our generous corporate partner, Behr Paint, donates obsolete paint color sample chips to Fresh Artists to create kits that we distribute to schools in need. Each kit include chips, cardboard, glue, chalk, broad-nibbed Sharpie markers, chamois squares, samples of paper mosaics from our Fresh Artists Collection, and an illustrated lesson plan and copies of our storybook, Pablo’s Clothesline Art Sale, that chronicles the story of a boy who uses his art to help thousands of other children. Great project for developing design and color skills.


PINKY PROMISE:  I promise never to snitch paint color chips from any paint department.

I understand that I can get free refills for the Chip Art Kit directly from Fresh Artists.


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