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Our online memory games are fun, free and easy to use! Each game features stunning artwork donated by kids in public schools across the country. These games were designed to test not only memory, but they have a timer and a counter so you can play against yourself or others. And there’s a super-fun surprise at the end of each game!  This online game is another demonstration of our mission in action: validating children’s talent and displaying their art in highly visible, unexpected places. Scroll down to learn how you can create your own unique online matching game today!


This free game can be played from a computer, smartphone or tablet! It works on all modern browsers except Internet Explorer. 
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3. Have Fun!


Track your scores and compete with friends or family by using this printable Score Card! 

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Create your own online matching game!

Looking for a great project for your kids while they're stuck at home? Create 12 original works of vibrant, colorful artwork and upload them here! We'll create a custom, one-of-a-kind, online matching game for your family to enjoy and share with other kids across the world. You can send the link to play to friends, family and share it on social media.
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Download the Teacher's Lesson Plan: Teacher's Matching Game Lesson Plan (2.0 mb pdf)

Download the At Home Lesson Plan: Simple Matching Game Lesson Plan (2.9 mb pdf)


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Play the Norristown Zany Zoo Games 

Great Art, Doing Good 

Fresh Fur, Fin & Feathers: Zany Zoo is an innovative art program to create portraits of Wild Animals celebrating the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY which is April 22.


These Matching Games are the result of Fresh Artists’ partnership with Art teachers in the Norristown Area School District (PA) and the Elmwood Park Zoo, a small but lively local zoo in the middle of Norristown, Pennsylvania, residential neighborhoods. 


K-12 children in 10 Norristown schools “adopted” a wild animal using brilliant photographs donated by Elmwood Park Zoo volunteer photographer, Janet Miner. The challenge was to make a portrait of their chosen animal. Not the whole animal…but a “shoulders-up” formal portrait of these extraordinary dignified, beautiful animals. The grand plan was to create a permanent Portrait Gallery on a wall in the middle of the Zoo for all guests and animals, to enjoy!


Starting in late December, Fresh Artists provided 10 sets of 40 full-color reproductions of the animal photographs, 2500 sheets of gorgeous 90 pound watercolor paper, some edged with Gold Frames, and artmaking materials for the children to use. Artwork from 780 children was exhibited at the East Norriton Middle School in late January, to the acclaim of a crowd of 250 family members! 


Fresh Artists then selected 99 pieces out of the 780 to become part of the Fresh Artists’ Collection, the Zoo’s Portrait Gallery and perhaps used to design children’s games for the Zoo Gift Shop.



All schools closed with scant hope of reopening before the end of this school year.

Art teachers throughout the country retooled to attempt to deliver online activities and lessons to their students with virtually no materials and a great many of low-income families without home computers.


But we saw an opportunity to showcase these 99 portraits of wild animals to the children, their families, and the world by creating eight Matching Games using every piece of the children’s Zany Zoo art.


We hope you enjoy these lovely portraits and send the links to both children and adults alike.

We hope that this artwork will ultimately be used for its intended purpose, a permanent, outdoor art gallery at the Elmwood Park Zoo for all the community’s children to admire…but meanwhile….it will be enjoyed by people throughout the world!




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