Vote That Jawn K-12 Student Design Contest! Deadline 10.7.2020


K-12 students can't vote, but Fresh Artists believes students can use their artistic talents to inspire and motivate their families and neighbors to vote by designing a Vote That Jawn Jr. Logo!

#VoteThatJawn is a national nonpartisan, youth-driven organization that Amplifies the Youth Vote and Youth Voice through Art and Writing. 

Fresh Artists, in partnership with #VoteThatJawn, created this art contest to introduce the concept that even really young kiddos and teens can be empowered to make a BIG impact in voter turnout for this election. Let’s get the next generation involved early, harness that energy, and give them purpose!

The 5 winning contestant's logos will be turned into decals, window clings, and merchandise that will be available on the #VoteThatJawn online store. Any proceeds from the merchandise will be used to amplify the youth vote.




Jason James' Gives Students Graphic Design Tips


  • The word, "Vote" must predominate
    and be easy to read. Letters can be all upper case, all lowercase, or mixed. Here are some phrases you might use:

           - Vote That Jawn

           - Family Votes That Jawn

           - Takin' My Folks to Vote That Jawn


  • Must be designed by a K-12 student


  • Must be 100% Nonpartisan. Any partisan, pro-Democrat or pro-Republican entries will NOT be accepted.


  • 2 Design sizes: either square 7” x 7”  or rectangle 5” x  7” (horizontal or vertical)

  • Design directives: Colorful, hip, positive, fun, inspirational, 100% original


  • All entries MUST be submitted by an Art Teacher or a Parent.



  • sakura cray pas long


  • 5 winning entries (one per age category) will receive an age-appropriate Fresh Artists' Home Art Studio collections of art supplies.  (sketchbooks, colored markers, drawing pens, watercolors, paper, oil pastels & more!)


  • 5 winning entries (one per age category) will receive 100 free decals featuring their design, a T-shirt with their design, and some other cool stuff!


  • Winning kids’ schools will receive a large banner featuring their student’s winning artwork for front hall display!


  • Winning kid's artwork will also be available as black and white coloring pages in the #VoteThatJawn online store.


  • The 5 winning students' Art Teachers will receive a personal gift of a one of a kind 90th Anniversary set of Cray-Pas. Donated generously by our friends at Sakura.



  • License the use of the artwork to #VoteThatJawn and Fresh Artists for their mission of voter advocacy and making art with a purpose.


  • Ship original artwork to Fresh Artists for scanning. Prepaid shipping labels will be provided. Artwork will be returned to the child after scanning.


  • Students will retain copyright and keep original art.



  • All entries must be well-lit, in-focus JPEG photos taken on a smartphone, and submitted by an Art teacher or parent.


  • Each digital photo must be named like this: SchoolName_TeacherName_StudentName.jpg


  • Please ZIP submissions into a single file by Grade Range.

How to ZIP files on a MAC   —   How to ZIP files on a PC


  • Teachers when submitting your student's entries please upload students artwork together in groups using these Grade Range categories:
    — K through 2 grades
    — 3 through  5 grades
    — 6 through  8 grades
    — 9 and 10 grades
    — 11 and 12 grades





After submission, instruct your students to put their logos to work by taping them to their front window or their apartment door, facing the outside -- for everyone in their neighborhood to see and enjoy! It will send the positive message out into the world that everyone who can, must vote for the future generation!!!



Use Fresh Artists' #VoteThatJawn Design art project to talk to your students about citizenship!  Click the link to download the PDF now.